The thought behind Faith Crafter was and will always be to connect people, share stories and highlight all the amazing faith artists; both known and uprising stars.

We want Faith Crafter to be:
– a place to share our love for God, faith, art, craft, life and inspire each other to grow in faith and be proud of the creative variety of gifts given by God.
– an inspiring multi-cultural community and we want to channel, inspire and connect creative people from all around the world.
– a joyful place for people to connect in faith and we also want to encourage all who is visiting us to use a positive mind and language.

Most of our our articles, tutorials and chronicles are written of people living all over the world and we acknowledge that the English language is very varied, both when it comes to expressions and spelling. We will therefore not correct the texts we receive too much since we don’t want to take away the individuality of his or her writing. Here on FCM you can expect to find some spelling errors and grammatical wrongs.