As a independent magazine and free of charge for our readers, Faith Crafter seeks the support of advertisers in order to keep going. We do what we love to do and we want to connect and inspire people to find their own creative expression in faith, art and craft.

General Advertising rates*

1/1 page $ 527
1/2 page $ 351
1/4 page $ 234

With repeated advertisement of the same ad we leave a 20% discount.

*All prices require complete advert in jpg/png format. If you want help with making an advert, we can help, request a quote for pricing.

ELECTRONIC ADVERT IS REQUIRED. Please submit an electronic copy of your material, any photographic files you’d like included must be scanned at size and with a resolution of 300 dpi. Only submit JPEG/PNG files. You may send materials by e-mail, drop-box, CD/DVD or memory stick to the mailing address below. By sending us your advert you declare that you hold the rights to the material and that you give us the right to publish the material in our paper and on our website.

If you are a owner of a company that sells art and craft products you are most welcome to send us a sample of your products for promotional purpose. But we maintain our right to only endorse and use products that we like and feel is great quality and value. We do not promote products that we do not believe in.

Please contact us before sending us any products!

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