Celebrating the Gospel Easter Story Through the Arts

This article has been re-posted from our old blog and was first published, Mars 22 2016

What is the purpose of art in our lives? Art for me crosses all mediums: essay writer, poet, storyteller, painter, sculptor, and illustrator.

As I ponder this question in my own life, I have compiled quotes that inspire me in writing and in my own artistic endeavors. Here are a few of my favorites:

Artists can help people to understand their Bibles better, to give expression to their spirituality and to help them grow spiritually. James Tughan

To me, the purpose of the arts is to introduce people to life in all its breadth and complexity and thereby to find oneself, others, the world and God more fully. Gary Collins

Redemption in Christ should give the artistically gifted not only a new orientation and a new sense of purpose, but also a new vision of reality, seeing the world through the eyes of faith, looking at the human condition through the eyes of Christ. John Walford

Art is an expression of love and worship. When a painter installs a blank canvas on an easel and envision art, his or her worldview will influence the direction of the brush strokes
Art separate from worship and beauty renders discord and ugliness such as urine soaked crosses.

Artists make statements with each paint stroke and chip of the sculptor’s chisel.

One of my favorite essay on art is written by Madeline L’Engle

“As I listen to the silence, I learn that my feelings about art and my feelings about the Creator of the Universe are inseparable. To try to talk about art and about Christianity is for me one and the same thing, and it means attempting to share the meaning of my life, what gives it, for me, its tragedy and its glory.”

In the beginning God created…
The important thing is that creation is God’s and that we are part of it, and being part of creation is for us to be co-creators with Him in the continuing joy of new creation.

Art is renderings of visions of lives lived and forsaken. Collectively, we, the church, can share the true Gospel in artistic storytelling.

As we celebrate Easter, I wanted to share an example of how powerful this type of artistic rendering can be:

The above video features Rev Rosemarie Adcock painting a 4′ x 7′ crucifixion on a wood panel during a 90-minute concert, with contemporary music led by Rev Ed Adcock and classical music led by St Peter’s director of music Chris Garven. The program contains both traditional liturgical readings and ceremony as well as portions that are designed specifically to this event.

I have written my own poetry about the Passion and Crucifixion of Christ. I hope you will read in conjunction with viewing the video.

Rose of Sharon

Dripping red, beautiful flowing
Down a broken body
His bones broken for me.

“Father forgive them,” His voice cried from the tree.
“Father forgive Mary. Father Forgive Anna. Father forgive ….

He paid for my sin
With His life
And His descent into Hell

Three days later,
He bloomed and His body, battered and destroyed
Rose in miraculous love

Go, Now, Preach, Share!
Paint, Draw, Write, Sing
Christ is Risen!

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