Smash it!

This article has been re-posted from our old blog and was first published, Mars 18 2016

When cleaning up my desk I usually gather all things in a pile and make a smash project from it. Smashing is fun, for me it is a moment of relaxation, to make something without the pressure of the end result having to be something special, it is what is it, a joyful moment of creating.

Smashing is a moment when you can challenge yourself to do things that you normally don’t, try out new techniques an, having fun. I always set a smash alarm for thirty minutes, thirty minutes that challenges me to stay in the present and focus on what I create.

Today my choice is to make a page in my new scrap journal that I made for the latest issue of Faith Crafter Magazine, it is my new “test out things” journal.


I started with gluing  down some left over papers and then let it dry before setting my alarm to start working. The surface need to be really dry before adding pieces to it.

I then added some watered down white acrylics and glued down all pieces.

Normally I would have painted all the pieces before gluing them down, but this time I did not have the time to color them up, my thought was that I could always go back and paint them another time, but I might also leave them like this, time will tell what I choose to do with this page. That’s the beauty with scrap & smash journals, it’s an ongoing project.


Stay in the



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