Welcome to the new home of Faith Crafter magazine

new beginning
We are proud to welcome you to our new home for Faith Crafter Magazine!

It was with a heavy heart we made the decision to put the magazine to rest, but who knows, maybe we can start making the magazine again in the future.


What we have learned from this experiences is that when you have more readers on your webpage than people reading the magazine, some changes have to be made.

By making FCM a web based magazine we will be able to post more frequent, it will reduce some stress for us and for our contributors and it will be easier for us to maintain the quality of posts that we want to produce for Faith Crafter. Beginning in September we will start having monthly themes again and related articles, interviews, tutorials as those we have had in the magazine.

We would love to have feedback’s, so please, let us know what you like, do not like, what you would like to read about or just cherish us with a little hello: info@faithcrafter.com. In order not to miss any news and posts sign up for our newsletter and you will be the first to know about all good news and all exciting things that will happen here on Faith Crafter.

Best wishes and love from

Faith Crafter Magazine team


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